Please send your resume to and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Which City/Island do you live on?
  • Which Cities/Islands are you willing to work on?
  • For those of you who are existing Techs/Ops, looking for tech work, please provide 5 references – we will be calling those references
  • Let us know what position/s you think you’d feel comfortable starting at (see the list below) and where you see yourself (in a perfect world) in a year or two…

We are always looking for people, so please, experience or not – email us.  Most of the business is 20% OJT, 40% Work Attitude and 40% Personality – we can find a spot for just about anyone who shows up ON TIME ready to work and is willing to ask questions and learn…

Just a few positions we are (ALWAYS) looking for:

  • A1’s
  • A2’s
  • Video Engineers
  • Camera Switchers (TD’s)
  • Record Ops
  • Playback Ops
  • GRFX Ops
  • Camera Ops
  • LD’s
  • ME’s
  • Spotlights Ops
  • Breakout Techs
  • Breakout Set/Strike Help
  • Audio Set/Strike Help
  • Video Set/Strike Help
  • Lighting Set/Strike Help
  • Rigging Set/Strike Help
  • Carpentry Set/Strike Help
  • PA’s (Personal Assistants)
  • Parking Attendants
  • Security (All Positions)

Typically, the positions in red are where most folks begin – experience or not.  You will progress based on personality, willingness to learn, existing knowledge and work habits…